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Maya: That was your first kiss and it was with Farkle.
Riley: He missed!
Maya: Still counts!
- 1x05 ‘Girl Meets The Truth’


"how do you feel about that relationship?" “i’m glad that viewers who felt like maybe they were faked out, they are getting their full resolution. was he telling the truth, was he lying? you have to wait one more episode. i’m sorry that it’s in october, but you get a full… you get a full explanation as to what that meant.” (x)


"He’s just this lost little boy, and then he sees the comet…
                          and suddenly his life has m e a n i n g.” (x)

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What was it like shooting that finale kiss - which seemed to last about 12 minutes? [x]

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favorite character meme

» three relationships

I can tell you that Emma and Hook are gonna go on their very first date.
Eddy Kitsis, Watch with Kristen (x)

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"I mean I get along great with everybody on set but I just spent a lot of time this season working with Colin – and we get along great and we have such a good time on set. And we’ve just become such comrades on those adventures and we definitely have a really good time doing all that stuff." (Jennifer Morrison)

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save me, save me
only love, only love
can hurt like this

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